Black History Month
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Michael Ejercito
2018-02-02 04:13:09 UTC
Why can’t niggers eat pickles? Because they can’t get their heads in
the jar.

What color is a nigger, when you run him over in the road? Flat

Why do nice, decent white folk shop at nigger yard sales? To get all
their stuff back, of course!

Why don’t they let niggers swim in the Pacific Ocean? Because they
leave a ring around the sides.

How do you save drowning nigger? Throw him an anchor.

Did you hear about Ku Klux Knieval? He tried to jump over 100 niggers
in a steamroller.

Hear about the new version of poker in Los Angeles? Seems four clubs
beat a King.

Why did the nigger cross the road? To get to the other....... another
one bites the dust.

How can you spot a nigger masochist? He’s the one working for a

Hear about the nigger version of “Shogun”? It’s called “Shonuff”.

What do poor nigger kids use instead of Play-Doh ? Fresh dog shit.

Hear about the new bumper sticker that says “Run, Jesse, Run”? You put
it on the front of your car.

How do you get a nigger kid to take a shower? Open a fire hydrant, and
start selling crack on the other side.

How has Jesse Jackson lost the vote of most niggers? He promised to
create jobs for them if elected.

How can you tell a nigger woman has really big lips? She can suck your
dick without opening her mouth.

Hear about the new Chap Stick for niggers? It comes in a spray can.

What’s the difference between good nigger kids and bad nigger kids?
Good nigger kids are in medium security prisons.

What should you do when you see a nigger jogger? Trip him and give the
lady’s purse back to her.

How do you starve a nigger? Hide the food stamps and welfare checks
under a bar of soap.

What’s the most common form of transportation in Harlem? Ambulances.

Did you hear about the nigger and the Mexican who opened a restaurant?
It’s called Nacho Mama.

What do you call 100 parachuting niggers? Skeet.

How do niggers eat chicken? One leg around each ear.

Did you hear about the nigger who had a heart attack on Halloween?
Someone came to his door dressed as a job.

Why does Georgia have niggers and California have earthquakes?
California had first pick.

Why should niggers always be buried face down? Because when they wake
up they will start digging.

What’d the police artist sketch when the woman described her rapist as
blond, blue-eyed, and 5’6”? A big, mean looking nigger.

And what did she say when she saw the picture? “That’s him.”

Why was there only one nigger aboard the space shuttle when it blew
up? They didn’t know it was going to blow up.

Why did the space shuttle blow up? The nigger was free - basing.

The Peeler
2018-02-02 10:20:43 UTC
On Thu, 01 Feb 2018 23:13:09 -0500, Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married
nazi homo, IMPERSONATING his master, Michael Ejercito, whined again:

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BORING stupid nazi homo cunt! Get treatment and stop getting on people's
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Anti-virus firm AVG <***@avg.com> addressing Loose Sphincter on Usenet:

"Hello from AVG.

Please stop advertising us. We don't want to be associated with neo-Nazi
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And fix your fucking sig separator!

Sincerely, AVG."
Michael Ejercito
2018-02-02 18:15:29 UTC
Why can’t niggers eat pickles? Because they can’t get their heads in
the jar.
Forger, you are so ashamed of your posts, you forge me.


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