A tribute to the NAACP
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2018-01-05 04:20:56 UTC
What do Ku Klux Klansmen do before they play cards? Take out the
spades and burn them.

What do you say to a nigger woman who is begging you for sex? “How

Why do nigger babies have such big heads? So they don’t fall out
during the bridal dance.

When white babies die and go to Heaven, they get wings and are called
Angels. What are nigger kids called? Bats.

How do you know Adam and Eve were white? Ever try to take ribs away
from a nigger?

Did you hear about the nigger boy who had diarrhea? He thought he was

If you see a nigger on a ten-speed weaving in and out of traffic, why
should you avoid running over him? It might be your bike.

Did you hear about the new black French restaurant? It’s called “Chez

What’s another word for cocoon? N-nigger.

What do Ku Klux Klansmen call ten white guys beating the shit out of
one nigger? A fair fight.
The Peeler
2018-01-05 11:26:46 UTC
On Thu, 04 Jan 2018 23:20:56 -0500, Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married
nazi homo, FORGING as NEMO, whined again:

<FLUSH the sicko's usual sick shit>

Here's the explanation of the obnoxious sicko's inane trolling:

Gay Loose Sphincter whining about his botched marriage:

"Divorce? Never, there is no way I'll let her get her claws on this house
I paid for or grab half my pension when I retire in a couple of years.
Like I said in an earlier post, I could look past her appearance if she
weren't such a nasty bitch.


Loose Sphincter, the unhappily married nazi homo, whining in public about
its "PIG": "I'm embarrassed to show the old gang that this pig was the best
I could do for a wife."!
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2018-01-05 14:42:39 UTC
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THIS is what happens when you follow Shitler!

A Soviet officer, Leonid Rabichev, describes what was the fate
of millions of German women at the end of and after WW2:


"Our troops in East Prussia caught up with the civilians evacuating from
Goldap, Insterburg and other cities which were left by the withdrawing
German Army. They drew carriages and cars. On foot, women, children,
large patriarchal families slowly moved to the west on all roads and
highways of the country.

Our tanks, infantry, artillery and communications troops prodded them
in order to clear the road. They pushed them into the ditches on each
side of the highway, with their carts, furniture, bags, suitcases,
horses. They ran down the elderly and children, and, forgetting to be
thankful to the German troops retreating without a fight, thousands
attacked women and girls.

Women, mothers and their daughters, were lying to the left and right
of the highway, and in front of each, stood a giggling line of men
with their pants down.

Those bleeding and losing consciousness were dragged away. The children
throwing themselves to help them, were shot. You could hear growling,
laughing, screaming and moaning. And their commanders, majors and
colonels, stood on the road, some laughing, some directing - or rather,
regulating the traffic. This was in order to make sure that all of
their soldiers without exception participated. No, it was not to
insure collective responsibility, and not at all a revenge on the
accursed invaders - it was just one hell of a deadly group sex".

TSSSSK! Next time, folks, don't follow Shitlers!