Ian Ramsay awarded Order of Jamaica
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2017-09-15 14:27:19 UTC
2018-02-23 01:31:38 UTC
IAN MCDONALD Ramsay, Q.C., one of the most distinguished lawyers in
Jamaica and the Caribbean, has been rewarded with the national honour
of the Order of Jamaica (O.J.), the nation's fourth highest.
Jamaica House announced yesterday that the Governor-General had
bestowed the honour on him on Monday, in recognition of his
contribution to the development of law in Jamaica and for his
outstanding public service.
Mr. Ramsay, who turned 72 on June 2, has been ailing for several weeks
and Sir Howard Cooke, the Governor-General, is to present him with the
insignia of his award later, at a private ceremony.
And yesterday afternoon the Advocates' Association of Jamaica paid
special tribute to Mr. Ramsay who was its first president. The
association lauded him as "the advocates' advocate".
In a warm and moving ceremony in the intimacy of his living room,
Norma Linton, Q.C., president of the association, and George Soutar,
vice-president, read jointly a citation to Mr. Ramsay, which brought
tears to the eyes of his wife, Rosa, who received it for him, and made
Eric, their son, a medical specialist who practises in Michigan, US,
reflective. Also at the informal ceremony were Howard Hamilton, Q.C.,
the Public Defender, who practised from Mr. Ramsay's chambers for
several years, and attorney-at-law Jacqueline Samuels-Brown.