Stephanie Michelle de Borbon's children
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2014-04-18 22:17:19 UTC
I am Nichols Stephano Alesandro de Borbon.me and my brothers were all born in palm beach county, Fl. I was Born at St. Marys Hospital in Riviera Beach, Fl as was christian and jaime. Ricky was Born at Columbia Hospital. There are new family members. Girls. However will not comment further on the subject for now
2017-06-08 17:31:17 UTC
I was wondering does anyone have any information on Stephanie (Estefania)
Michelle de Borbon's 4 children. Maybe she now has more? She herself was born
in 1968 and is th illegitimate daughter of Don Gonzalo de de Borbón y de
Dampierre(b.1937) by a Sandra Lee Landry (b.1937)
Stephanie Michelle de Borbon married:1995 Richard Carl McMasters II (*1972)
and has at least 4 children by him (the first two being born before the
marriage). This is what I know of them.
1. Nicholas Stephano Alesandro de Borbon (*1994)
2. Christian Sebastian or Christian Alfonso de Borbon (*1995)
3. Jaime Alfonso or Jaime Sebastian McMasters (*1996)
4. Richard Carl McMasters III (*1998)
My main question is where were they born and their birthdates and do they have
any other siblings?
Thank you in advance.
I Am Stephanie de Borbon. I have five boys. The youngest is .Alexander Leandro Joaquin Gonzalo McMasters-de Borbon Born September 21, 2004. He was born in Jupiter, Fl.
Nicholas DOB 01/21/1994
Christian DOB 06/05/1995 (my Fathers Birthday too)
Jaime DOB 10/24/1996
Ricky "Richard" DOB 05/22/1998
Alexander DOB 09/21/2004

I usually don't look myself up, it usually makes me mad with the errors I find. Now today I saw where someone assumed my birth came from an extramarital affair. So that being said. I was the product of a decade long relationship. My parents lived together and were very public to friends and family. I have been a de Borbon my whole life from birth. My father "Married" my Mother in a civil ceremony however the paperwork did not get mailed in properly. My father wanted me to carry his name but have a "normal" life.

I have new members to add. I have grandchildren whom I will add in the near future. I am the proud grandmother to 4 girls as my son hinted too.
2017-06-09 02:48:41 UTC
Congratulations and for being up front with the information. Always as you clearly state, an essence for genealogists.
2018-10-23 01:08:54 UTC
I went to college with stephanie, she was a wonderful friend and great person. I wish her the best. Mt. Vernon College
2018-10-23 03:51:44 UTC