The oldest family in Europe?
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2017-02-20 15:03:48 UTC
Hello Orlando Mark Lobanoff de Rostoff, are you really of the Lobanov-Rostovsky's family ? I work for the Greater Chernobyl Cause, it's an Irish Charity who help the victims of Chernobyl in the olds soviets countries. And my boss asked me to searching if the olds Russians Nobles families have descendants. And I thimk that my boss will contact you if you are agree.
Sorry for my english (I'm a french volunteer).
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards.
2018-10-19 06:20:58 UTC
I am one of the desendents of Eochu through my moms side and Lord Beatty of King Court
2018-10-19 06:24:23 UTC
I am descendant of Eochu through moms side and Lord Beatty-Kings Court...I am Craig Matthew Goldsberry
The Chief
2018-10-24 03:38:34 UTC
My name is Orlando Mark Lobanoff de Rostoff. I looked through
Moncreiffe and "The Chronicle of Danish Kings", counted it up and
discovered that my genealogy has sixty generations in a straight male
line. Am I to understand that my family is the oldest in Europe? Here
is my line of descent: Prince Orlando Mark (born 1954) - Pr Andrey
Lobanoff de Rostoff (born 1917) - Pr Konstantin Lobanov-Rostovsky - Pr
Anatoly L.-R. - Pr Grigory L.-R. (1820-72) - Pr Alexey L.-R.
(1786-1848) - Pr Alexander L.-R. (1754-1830) - Pr Ivan L.-R. (1731-91)
- Pr Ivan L.-R. - Pr Yakov L.-R. (+1732) - boyar Pr Ivan L.-R. (+1664)
- Pr Ivan L.-R. "Goat's Horn" (+1639) - Pr Yury L.-R. - Pr Ivan
Lobanov-Rostovski (+1595) - Pr Ivan Rostovsky "Loban" - Pr Alexander
Rostovsky - Prince Ivan of Rostov - Prince Vladimir of Rostov (+1409)
- Konstantin II of Rostov (+1365; m. daughter of Ivan I of Moscow) -
Vasily II of Rostov (+1316) - Konstantin I of Rostov (1254-1307) -
Boris of Rostov (+1277) - Saint Vasily I of Rostov (murdered
11.03.1238 by Batu-Khan; m. daughter of St. Michael of Chernigov) -
Konstantin of Vladimir (1186-1218) - Vsevolod III of Vladimir and Kiev
(1154-1212) - Yury of Suzdal and Kiev (1090-1157) - Vladimir II
Monomachos of Kiev (1053-1125; m. daughter of King Harold II of
England) - Vsevolod I of Pereyaslavl and Kiev (1030-1093; m. daughter
of Emperor Constantinos IX of Byzantium) - Yaroslav I the Wise of Kiev
(978-1054; m. daughter of Saint Olaf of Sweden) - Vladimir I the Great
of Kiev (948-1015) - Svyatoslav I of Kiev (942-972) - Ingvar of
Novgorod and Kiev (877-946) - Rorik of Dorestad (ca 810 - 879) -
Hemming of Jutland (795-837) - Halfdan of Jutland (+810) - Harald of
Jutland (750-804) - Eysten the Fart of Raumarike - Halfdan "White Leg"
of Uppland (born before 710) - Olaf "The Tree Hewer" of Vermaland
(+sacrificed to Woden 710) - Ingiald "the Wicked" of Sweden - Onund
"Roadmaker" - Ynvar Eystenson - Eysten Adilson - Adils Ottarson -
Ottar Egilson - Egil Onson - On the Old Yorundson - Jorund Yngveson -
Yngve Alricson - Alric Agneson - Agne Dagson - Dag Dygveson - Dygve
Domarson - Domar Domaldson - Domald Visburson - Visbur Vinlandeson -
Vinlande Swegdeson - Swegde Fjolneson - Yngve Njordson - Njord of
Noatun, "1st man to be called king in Swedish tongue". Does any other
family have a longer record? Anybody knows?
I have it on impeccable authority that all Irish families are descended from Adam.

The Chief
2018-10-26 13:59:12 UTC
Indeed so - the history of the O'Neills is recorded by Moncreiffe as
accepted by scholars from around 360 A.D. when Eochu "Mugmedon" was
King of Tara. They were High Kings of Ireland from the 5th century
onwards. The O'Neills claimed descent from Cormac, King of Tara
No Irish records survive from this period, and any person living at that time would have had a name in Classical Celtic, such as Dumnocoveros or Tigirnosenos.