Baroness Sandra di Portanova (1943-2000)
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2013-03-11 07:33:08 UTC
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[Refer to the Houston Chronicle, Saturday, 22 April 2000]
Baroness Sandra di Portanova died of cancer at her Houston home on Friday;
she was 57. Born Sandra Ann Hovas to the owners of a chain of furniture
stores, in 1973 she married Baron Enrico di Portanova. Enrico was a
grandson of Texas oil magnate Hugh Roy Cullen (1881-1957) through daughter
Lillie Cranz Cullen who married Paulo di Portanova. Sanda and Enrico's
marriage of 26 years ended in February 2000 when Enrico died of throat
cancer. They had no children. Sandra is survived by her brother Gregory
Russell Hovas. Enrico's mother, Baroness Rita di Portanova, is still
- Mel Douglass
Houston, TX
Correction.....Rita is not Enrico's mother. Lillie Cullen of course was his mother. Rita was his father, Paolo's second (or maybe third wife).
2017-02-14 00:39:53 UTC
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My name is Lori Ann Peterson i was once a great friend and massage therapist to Baroness. And it deeply saddens me to me to just find out of both theit passings. My heart is truly broken and hurts me knowing that such wornderful people i knew and took care of theraputicaly and as well the took care of me are now gone. I will always remember them rest of my days. My heart goes out to their family and to Greg which i hope he will remember me and contact me if he feels he can. My number is 817 845 3462.