Royal Danish Morganauts Danneskjold-Løvendal /-Levendal in Russian Service
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2017-02-07 19:14:49 UTC
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I just came across the interesting fact that the dubious Okhrana commander in Kishinev during the infamous pogrom in 1903 was a certain Baron Лаврентий Николаевич (фон) Левендаль - Lavrentiy Nikolayevich (von) Levendal / Løvendahl. A website about his son Baron George Levendal / Löwendal, a Romanian scene designer, makes it clear that they are descendants of the Danish Danneskjold-Løvendahl family, morganatic descendants of Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve, the morganatic bastard son of King Frederik III of Denmark. But based on online sources I can't find the missing between these last Løvendals and earlier Løvendals:

Fredrik III, King of Denmark

Count Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve

Baron Valdemar Ulrik von Løvendal

Count Ulrik Frederik Valdemar Løvendal / von Löwendal / de Lowendal, Marshall of France, Imperial Russian Governor of Reval / Estonia. Only surviving male descendants lived in France.


Baron Nikolay-Gustav von Løvendal / Левендаль, Mayor of Kovrov in the Vladimir Guberniya, according to a Russian source a nephew of Marshall Løvendal.

5 sons who all joined the Imperial Russian Navy and reached high ranks: Alexander, Fyodor, Karl, Roman and Lavrentiy Nikolayevich von Løvendal / Левендаль.


Captain 2nd rank Nikolay Lavrentievich Løvendal, who in 1893 was commander of the schooner Chasovoy in Reval.
Baron Lavrentiy Nikolayevich von Løvendal / Левендаль, captain / rotmistr, Okhrana commander, born 1878, too young (by two generations) to be the same Lavrentiy Nikolayevich as above, and born in Vladivostok instead of by the Baltic, but possibly a grandson?

Baron George Lavrentyevich Löwendal, Romanian scene designer.

I would be grateful if anyone can fill out the gaps!
2017-02-07 20:06:36 UTC
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Info on the last scion of the family: