Hartford Archdiocese: 69 Percent Decline In Attendance Since 1965
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2017-05-21 20:29:14 UTC
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We need someone like Kaiser William II to shake things up and
revitalize the Catholic Church. A scanned copy of the Kaiser's
"My Memoirs: 1878-1918," Cassell and Company (1922) is available at:


On pp. 193-94, the Kaiser describes how he confronted the theological
"savants" who opposed Adolf von Harnack, a distinguished theologian
and church historian.

"I had to face a severe fight to get Professor Harnack to Berlin. The
theologians of the Right and the 'orthodox' section protested
vehemently. ... I insisted upon the summoning of Harnack, and summoned
he was. Nowadays it is impossible to understand the opposition to him.
What a man Harnack is! What an authoritative position he has won for
himself in the thinking world!"

More information on Harnack is at:

Chapter 8, "My relations with the Church," pp. 203-217 contains some
especially fascinating revelations. On page 209 the Kaiser wrote that
he "felt deeply the inadequacy of the sermons, which often dealt only
with dry dogmatic matters and paid too little attention to the
personality of Christ. ... I became acquainted with Dr. Dryander ...
His sermons were free from dogma, the personality of Christ was their
pivotal point, and 'practical Christianity' was brought right into
the foreground. Later I brought him to Berlin and soon had him
appointed to a post at the cathedral and in my palace."

What is also particularly interesting is the Kaiser's admission that
"polemics in religion have remained alien to me, and such autocratic
expressions as 'orthodox' are repulsive to me."


Long Decline In Attendance Led To Catholic Church Mergers

Daniela Altimari
May 21, 2017

The Hartford Archdiocese has seen a 69 percent decline in church
attendance since 1965, a statistic that produces "audible gasps"
when people hear it, said Archbishop Leonard P. Blair.
Louis Epstein
2017-05-22 03:41:35 UTC
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We need someone like Kaiser William II to shake things up and
revitalize the Catholic Church.
Of course the Prussian (as opposed to Brandenburg) state was
founded on a broken promise to the King of Poland not to
renounce the Catholic Church for Protestantism...

The World Trade Center towers MUST rise again,
at least as tall as before...or terror has triumphed.