Last King of Ireland
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2017-03-13 01:40:26 UTC
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An interesting story on youtube.


Toraigh Island has less than 150 inhabitants, one paved road, one church, one grocery store, one hotel and – still – one king. The island's kingship dates back all the way to the sixth century, but isn't about royalty or bloodline. Rather, the king serves as a unifying face to the island's rich culture.
Count Gudenus
2017-03-13 08:40:29 UTC
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Le lundi 13 mars 2017 02:40:28 UTC+1, Maltagenealogy.com a écrit :Original meaning of king, etc could after all just mean LORD, and they again couod be just tiny ones!

Take China; As Chinese emperor equal to one of VN, Japan.

Fortunately one does not hear of Okinawa/Ry Kyu! They only claim KINGS!